I'm an art director, brand experience designer and creative producer with almost a decade of agency experience.

Thanks for checking out my site. The about me section is weird — what do you want to know? Since you probably got here because I a) bugged you to check out my site or b) are considering me for hire or c) something else; I will drop some quick personal facts you might find useful and a contact form I hope you’ll fill out to meet in person. I like coffee and beer — pick one and let’s talk like humans. In the meantime, I was:

• Born in Richmond, VA 

• Spent high school in my dad’s darkroom and playing in punk bands

• Studied Art Foundations for a year at East Carolina University in 2002

• Graduated from the Creative Advertising program at VCU in 2007

• First agency job after graduating — Design Manifesto 

• Moved to Nashville to work in the music industry, but ultimately returned to my first love of advertising art & design

• Graphic Designer and Art Director for Bohan (AdAge’s Southeast Agency of the Year)

• Founded Mountain Agency as an experience branding firm (clients include Red Bull, Live on The Green Music Festival, Nashville Fashion Alliance and more)

• Mountain closes it’s doors and I move to GS&F as a Designer / Art Director 

• Left GS&F in the summer of '17 and moved back to RVA


other fun facts include:

• I’ve traveled to several developing countries and produced content to raise awareness for many different causes. This is important to me and I think volunteering is one of the best ways to learn and understand life and the human experience. Countries include: Honduras, Guyana, Ghana, Mexico, Belize and the US. 

• I've produced and/or engineered almost 20 records and owned a record label.

• I've won a gold ADDY.

• I was elected president of my elementary school.

• Was a vinyl-only DJ on WRIR FM every Friday night from '03—'05.

• I moved to Nashville and attended SAE Music School, where I was voted most likely to win a Grammy. Haven't won one yet


There ya go. Like what you see? Click the contact page and let’s start a story.




"Logan Buerlein has served as multi-discipline designer at Design Manifesto for just under two years, and has been a joy to work with. His rare head/heart integration allows him to comprehend an assignment or situation quickly, assess right actions and deliver effectively and without drama. I've witnessed his tight instincts and insight at work on a number of occasions. He's smart, articulate and sensitive. He's been a solid contributor in a frequently chaotic environment, all the while maintaining incredible good humor and thoughtfulness. Skills are skills, but he's got the whole package that will let him do anything he wants to do."

—Lisa Cumbey. Mentor, Creative Director & Owner, Design Manifesto.


select clients include:

American Songwriter Magazine

Belmont University


Capital One

Dollar General


Lightning 100

Live On The Green Music Festival

Nashville Public Schools

Red Bull Sound Select